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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By signing at the bottom of the page and clicking "Agree to Terms", you (the Client) agree to the terms described below and enter into a contract in good faith between you and LLewellen Designs (the Artist).


The Client agrees to pay LLewellen Designs all sums due, which may vary over the Artist's original estimate depending on complexity and any other disbursements (i.e. stock image overages that are not covered by the Artist). The invoice will be sent after the Client approves the final Cover design, and the balance of payment will be due within seven (7) business days receipt of the invoice. Payment will be made via PayPal. Final artwork files (jpeg for e-books and flattened pdf files for print) will be released to the Client after receipt of the final payment.


Credit to LLewellen Designs is optional but appreciated. If credited, please use:  Cover art by


  1. Once the full payment has been received, LLewellen Designs grants the Client the exclusive license to use the final version of the artwork (in a flattened jpeg for e-book and pdf for print format) sold for e-book covers, print covers, and associated promotional material.

  2. The artwork delivered may not be recreated by anyone, nor can the Client order works based on the original design to other designers. LLewellen Designs maintains full copyright of all designs delivered and draft concepts (including layout, style, images and fonts placement). She has the right to alter any discarded preliminary draft/concepts to create new drafts for other Clients or to make premade covers. No ideas obtained from discarded preliminary drafts/concepts can be used by the Client.

  3. Any original images within the paid cover design created by LLewellen Designs (i.e. series logos, or separated hand illustrations) can be separated and licensed to the Client for use at an additional cost.

  4. LLewellen Designs retains the right to include the Work in her online portfolio or service promotions.

    1. LLewellen Designs agrees to treat all information about the Book's content as confidential and not cause or permit such confidential information to be disclosed to any third party, until after the book is promoted online by the Client.​

  5. LLewellen Designs declares:

    1. She has obtained all proper rights or licenses for all images used in the creation of the Work.

    2. She is the creator of the Work.

    3. The work does not infringe any copyright, privacy rights, or legal rights of a third party.

    4. The Work does not contain any unlawful material.

Image License, Hand Illustrations, and Client Provided Images
LLewellen Designs uses either original hand illustrations or images bought on various stock image sites to create book covers.

Stock Images:

  1. The client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any images purchased by LLewellen Designs through a third-party image provider for use in the Client’s book cover. LLewellen Designs agrees to cover the cost of stock images (unless that cost exceeds $30). That cost will include the standard license to use these images and is limited to a print run of 500,000 units. For books with a print run over 500,000, additional licensing fees may apply. 

  2. It is the Client's responsibility to inform LLewellen Designs of the need of extending such license and LLewellen Designs will point the client where to buy the relating license(s).

Hand Illustrations:

  1. A hand-drawn art fee will apply to all hand-illustrated covers done by LLewellen Designs above the cost of the initial cover design.

  2. Hand illustrations are original creations of LLewellen Designs and are licensed to the Client for use in their cover designs.

Client Provided Images:

  1. In case the Client asks to use images he/she provides, the Client acknowledges he/she must have acquired the proper license to those images. Images in the public domain will not be accepted. In case a dispute should arise involving material provided by the Client, he/she agrees to assume full legal and financial responsibility and to indemnify, hold harmless and defend LLewellen Designs from any and all copyright and permission infringement action resulting from materials the Client provided.

Print Proofs

The Client is fully responsible for proofing the book cover design provided by LLewellen Designs before printing. It is strongly suggested that the Client requests a proof from the printer before ordering any materials using the book cover design. At no time will LLewellen Designs be held financially or legally responsible for any problems, costs, fees or expenses incurred by the Client as a result of using an LLewellen Designs cover design.


Hereby agree that the above contract will apply to all covers ordered by me with LLewellen Designs as of


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