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Wrong for Him 5.25x8_Cream_382
Blink of an Eye 5 by 8 at 232 pages copy
Murder on Honky Tonk Row 5x8_BW WRONG PA
Mayhem in Montana 5.25x8_Cream_234
Live to Fly Another Day 5_25 by 8 at 232
Root of All Evil 5x8 at 186 pages cream.
The Lindholms 5x8_Cream_230
Trusting the Cat Burglar 5_5 x 8_5 at 254 pages
Dog Collar Crime 5x8_BW_310
New Year's Through the Looking Glass 5x8 at 328 pages
Christmas Comes to Westen 5_25 x 8 WRONG PAGE COUNT
The Herald of Day full 6x9 at 359 pages
The Deathbrew Affair full cover 6x9 at 292 pages regular pdf
Welcome to Outcast Station full cover 5x8_BW_290
Finding Mr Just Right final 5_25 by 8 at 249 pages
The Cowboy's Renegade Bride final full 5_25x8 at 240 pages
Forgiving Natalie WRONG PAGE COUNT
Jillian's Promise full cover WRONG PAGE COUNT
You Can't Go Gnome Again full WRONG PAGE COUNT
Cantrell's Bride full 5_5 by 8_5 at 464 pages
Remember Me and You 5_25 x 8 at 383 pages
My Christmas Goose is Almost Cooked full 5_25 by 8 at 204 pages
Muesum's can be Murder final 5_5 by 8_5  at 163 pages
Life in the Fast Lane 5x8 at 220 pages
Moon over Manhattan 5_25 x 8 at 268 pages
Doughnuts and Deadly Schemes concept
A Yule to Remember full 5 x 8 at 126 pages
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