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Welcome to LLewellen Designs. Cover design is one of the most important steps an author can take in their journey toward successful publication. Working directly with authors and publishers, LLewellen Designs creates high quality covers for e-book and print that will bring your vision to life.

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Contact us for prices, scheduling and inquiries at lewellen3@gmail.com.

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Lyndsey Lewellen has been designing covers for authors and publishers since 2012. She excels in multiple specialties of art including cover art for e-Books as well as printed novels. Though the majority of her work is done through artistic manipulation of purchased stock images, hand drawn images are also available upon request.

To request a commission, please contact Lyndsey at  lewellen3@gmail.com, along with your contact information, the general concept of your project, and any deadlines you may have.

**Please note, LLewellen Designs works with a variety of genres within fiction and non fiction, with the exception being the erotica genre.

LLewellen Designs works strictly on providing high-quality cover designs for both e-book and print.