Apple of My Eye 5 by 8 at 207 pages

Deadly Deception 5.25x8_BW_310

The Valet Who Loved Me 5x8_Cream_278

Murder on Honky Tonk Row 5x8_BW WRONG PA

The Way Forward 5.25x8_Cream_340

All's Fair in Love and Chocolate 5

Smash and Grab 5x8_Cream_258 for Barnes

Shanghai full 5_25 x 8 cream at 194 page

The Magic of Christmas 5.25x8_Cream_220.

All the Stars in Montana 5

Mayhem in Montana 5.25x8_Cream_234

The Cowboy's Heart 5

Eye of the Storm 5 by 8 at 150 pages

Handsome Rancher 5x8_Cream_200

Jingle Bells and Wedding Vows 5

A Christmas Romance 5.25x8_Cream_250

It's A Ghost's Life 5.25x8 172 pages

Galliano Gold 5_25 x 8 326 pages

In the Swim of Things 6x9_BW_410 edit2

Busted 6x9_BW_404

Two Weeks to Love 5x8_Cream_126 pages

Live to Fly Another Day 5_25 by 8 at 232

The Perfect Catch 5.25x8_Cream_198

Tucker 5x8_BW 200 pages

Incognito 5x8_BW_220

Bianca's Joy full WRONG BLURB AND PAGE C

Always There 5.5x8.5 312 pages

Always You 5.5x8.5 288 CREAM pages

Root of All Evil 5x8 at 186 pages cream.

I Got You Babe 5_25 x 8 at 404 pages cre

The Last Supper 5x8 at 206 pages cream

Wild at Heart 5_25 x 8 at 432 pages crea

Flirting With Disaster 5_25 x 8 at 438 p

Highway to Homicide 5x8 242 CREAM

Knocking on Death's Door 5x8 238 CREAM

No Wedding for Old men 5_25 x 8 at 277 p

A Soldier's Homecoming WM 5.25x8_Cream_232

The Firefighter's Slow Burn 5.25x8_Cream_248

A Hot Montana Summer 5.25x8_Cream_230

The Lindholms 5x8_Cream_230

The Wakefields 5x8_Cream_251

The Quinns 5x8_Cream_244

Trusting the Cat Burglar 5_5 x 8_5 at 254 pages

Lone Star Princess 5.25x8_Cream_228

Undercover Princess 5.25x8_Cream_220 blak back font

Gone with the Ghost 5.25x8 166 pages-Recovered

Silence of the Ghost 5.25x8 164-Recovered

Once Upon a Ghost 5.25x8 150 pages

Flight Risk 5.5x8.5_Cream_240

Dog Collar Crime 5x8_BW_310

Knocked Off 5x8_BW_270

Boosted 5x8_BW_266

His Secret Lies full cover 5x8_BW_290

The Art of Loving a Vampire full 5_25 x 8 at 311  pages

The Taming of the Vamp full 5_25 x 8 at 290 CREAM pages

Sabotage by Starlight 5x8 at 290

New Year's Through the Looking Glass 5x8 at 328 pages

Holly, Curses, and Hauntings final 6 x 9 at 160 pages

Christmas Comes to Westen 5_25 x 8 WRONG PAGE COUNT

Close to Danger full cover revamp at 424 pages

Exposed 5_25 by 8 at 422 pages

The Herald of Day full 6x9 at 359 pages

The Deathbrew Affair full cover 6x9 at 292 pages regular pdf


Welcome to Outcast Station full cover 5x8_BW_290

Vangie Vale concept one b full

Vangie Vale and the Corpsless Custard 5 x 8 at 364 pages

Volatile Bonds full 5_25 x 8 at 340 pages

Hoodwinked by a Wolf full 5_25 by 8 at 194

Finding Mr Just Right final 5_25 by 8 at 249 pages

The Cowboy's Renegade Bride final full 5_25x8 at 240 pages

The Cowboy's Rebellious Bride final full 5_25x8 at 248 pages

Arucard full 5 x 8 at 252 pages USA

Hunt for Christmas full cover 6x9 100 page count

Forgiving Natalie WRONG PAGE COUNT

Jillian's Promise full cover WRONG PAGE COUNT

The Billionaire's Bad Boy full 5x8 at 170 pages

The Billionaire's Blind Date full 5x8 at 120 pages

Sex, Lies, and Snickerdoodles full

There's Something About Marty full 5_25 by 8 at 299 pages revamp May Edit

You Can't Go Gnome Again full WRONG PAGE COUNT

Turner's Vision full WRONG PAGE COUNT

Cantrell's Bride full 5_5 by 8_5 at 464 pages

Remember Me and You 5_25 x 8 at 383 pages

Discover Me and You 5_25 x 8 at 343 pages

Up the Seine without a Paddle full WRONG PAGE COUNT

My Christmas Goose is Almost Cooked full 5_25 by 8 at 204 pages

The Ruby of Siam 5_5 by 8 at 266 pages

Muesum's can be Murder final 5_5 by 8_5  at 163 pages

Life in the Fast Lane 5x8 at 220 pages

New Girl Corpse in Town final 5x8 at 234 pages

Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar 5_5 x 8_5 at 242 pages

A Venture of the Heart 5 x 8 at 199 pages

Crashing Together 5 x 8 at 206 pages

Moon over Manhattan 5_25 x 8 at 268 pages

Moon over Miami 5_25 x 8 at 224 pages

Moon over Montego Bay 5_25 x 8 at 264 pages

Shackled Heart final 5x8 273 page count

Desperate full 5_25 by 8 at 260

Deadly full 5_25 by 8 at 299 pages corrected

Brownies and Murder concept

Doughnuts and Deadly Schemes concept

Murderous Craft print 5x8 at 202 pages

The Witches Walk full 5 x 8 WRONG PAGE COUNT

A Yule to Remember full 5 x 8 at 126 pages

The Education of Mrs. Brimley 5_5 x 8_5 at 342 pages

Seduction of a Duke WRONG PAGE COUNT

Prosecco Pink final WRONG PAGE COUNT

Dead Eye full 5 by 8 at 278 pages

Private Eye full 5 by 8 at 232 pages


The Lindholms 5x8_Cream_230